Coolio Beans


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This limited edition keychain commemorates Coolio, and includes 20+ regular seeds (male and female). The CFO male of this out cross took 2 years to select for what I was looking for: A sturdier version of freezerburn with an orange oil terp from the orange juice bud. Then I used him on the Cap Junky to get a killer combo of effect, taste, and smell. My ultimate selection Coolio #18 is a soaring and productive high that instantly puts me in a good mood and motivates me to get shit done. It smells like an orange farted in your face and tastes like orange lacquer all the way down to the end.


Cap Junky: Alien Cookies F2 x Kushmints

Caps Frozen Oranges: Freezerburn x (OCD x Miracle) x Legend Orange Apricot x Orange Apricot (LOA BC1)

The Coolio ranges from hashy lime, to creamy gas, to orange oil funk. Super nice profiles and produces proper hash as well.

Flowering time is 9 weeks. THC is 25 to 33% and Terps are 2 to 3.5% on the 8 selections I lab tested.