Miracle Glue


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This limited edition keychain commemorates the marriage of Gorilla Glue#4 and Miracle, celebrating notes of sour pine sap, peaches, and a damp basement. Each keychain includes 12+ regular seeds (male and female).

Miracle : Colombian x Starfighter

Gorilla Glue #4 is a clone only directly from Don Peabodys hands, just before he passed away. Part of the proceeds from the sales of Miracle Glue will go to his widow.

Here is the story of the Glue straight from the horses mouth:

Don Peabody: “It’s a long story but I’ll try. It was back in 2010 or so that I met Grey Skull and Zoolander from icmag and acquired the sour dub and what was marked as chem sister. Not really sure it was but it was a chem no doubt. I had given my partner Ross cuts of everything I got because he was still popping seeds and didn’t know how to take clones. Anyway sometime the chem got a sack of herm pollen and hit the sour dub. I think there was about 8 or 9 seeds. He gave to me and I sat on them a year or so. When eventually popped them they were so so.
This is were it gets crazy. One night my wife and I went to a casino for dinner and some gambling. While there I lost my flip phone. I looked and looked for it but it was gone. About 2 weeks later about midnight someone beat on the door and it turned out to be north Las Vegas police and they had found my phone at some hookers apartment where someone had beat her and drug her down some stairs.
Anyway while questioning me about that one of them ask how many plants I had cause he could smell marijuana. I lied and said 12. I had let my med cars expire so I was illegal and way over on my plant count. So anyway they believed me that I was legal and hadn’t beat the woman They continued sitting in there car in front of my house for a good hour. My wife was freakin out thinking they were going to call the task force. When the finally left I loaded all my plants up and moved them to a friends house. A week later he brought them back to me and the sour dub x chem hermmed totally out pollinating everything. The whole room was ruined. I sold it to another friend Marr Dog cheap. About 2 months later Marr and I rented a house to grow in and he had saved some of the chocolate diesel x sour dub x chem sis and wanted to pop them. I was totally against that as I didn’t want another ruined crop but eventually agreed to let pop them. That’s were we found gg1 gg2 gg4 and a runt one we just called runt. Very sour dub dominate. That’s it Cap. When we chopped them we were trimming the 4 and I got a call on that same flip phone and when the call was over the phone was stuck to my hand and I told Marr it stuck like gorilla glue and the name stuck so to speak.”


Please enjoy these in the memory of the late Don Peabody.